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7th March:

This zebra's mother was killed by raptors, and we took care of it. We hope we will can bring it back to the forest in the next months.



8th March:

reparation of the Building A generator. It was the solenoids that burned yesterday at night and we must replace them. In the photo at the right Ellie and Malcom are showing them: 


10th March:

Our first attempt of the devoured children clonation has failed. Their genetic samples were contaminated with DNA from other animals. Just two clones survived: a raven-girl and a frog-boy. The laboratory has discarded the contaminated samples and currently works with samples that weren't stored in used test tubes. 

This is the raven-girl. We called her Raven and she could be a normal girls. She likes Tex's cat a lot and demanded us to bring her own room or she will take out our eyes. We accepted.


Her brother is very different than her. The frog-kid is a savage beast, aggressive and astute. He ran away from the laboratory breaking a window with his head and jumping from a second floor with no damage. 

We prepared a team for searching him. The dogs would help us to find him and bring him back to the lab. We want to impend any ecosystem disequilibria in the island and it also includes don't introduce estrange creatures in it. 

The dogs conduced us around the lab to the wall in the Area's boundaries. We found him on the wall and we go for him. He just saw us and jump to the other side. The wall has four meters high and so we couldn't chase him. 


11th March:

We prepare for searching the frog-kid. A good new: The devoured children's clonation was successful. Now we must be aware of they won't be devoured again.  


12th March:

There's no frog-kid's clues. Owen says he will appear when we will be unawared. But that wasn't wasted time: the team bring more photos of the jungle. The photo to the right shows the wolf we freed days ago, it seems he likes lynx meat. The one to the left is a photo of a giant rat, as big as a dog, facing a normal size hyena.   


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