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3rd March:

The kids recovered from the fright days ago and they ask us for continuing the tour. For having more comfort (and safety) we took them in the Land Rover. 

A few hours before, we used the car for returning this little animal to its environment. Even though it looks like a horse, the genetic analysis indicates that it is really a modern version of the eohippus. 

Meanwhile we go to see how our parasaurolophus is. It has adapted well to coexist with people.


Little incident during the tour: The oldest kid wanted to approach too much to the animals that life free in the wild in spite of our warnings: 

It's possible that this giant weasel didn't like his taste so much, because, after being fighting a little, it let him go. 


It seems that kids don't like to obey. The rest of the children get out to explore alone just for meeting with this --->>>>



In the Area: Somebody forgot to close the plateosaur's cage and it tried to escape. We could capture it before it got angry too much and try to hurt someone:


last kids' photo. The children that weren't eaten by the hyena, were devoured by this dilophosaur that found then tempting.  

Oh well... more work for the cloning team. 

This is the laboratory on the second floor of the building A. Here is where the genetic samples are analyzed and checked if they are ok for cloning (in this case: the children's samples). 


5th March:

We had a power cut off a little before noon. We went to know the fault and found this:

We didn't imagine to find a pterosaur of this size. It attacked us and we had to shoot until kill it. It's probable it isn't the only one because we saw suspicious shapes crossing the sky later. 


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