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Suddenly, we heard a roar an some screams. A huge theropod dinosaur had jumped for attacking the boat. While we were running for helping them we could take these photos:

We had luck: the dinosaur couldn't reach anybody. We waited an hour until it jumped to the water and went away swimming. It was, when we revealed the photos for putting them in the diary, when we noticed the little diplodocus that were watching us.


26th February:

Our young tiranosaur is cured and in conditions of being released in its environment. After sedating it we put it carefully in one of our jeeps.


We went twenty kilometres into the forest searching for a good place for freeing it and where it weren't attacked by bigger animals.

Then, what we were afraid of happened: the sedatives didn't work well and the tyrannosaur woke up just among us. We ran away while the jeep was going on thinking about it will eat us, but it preferred to run toward the forest and disappear. 


27th February:

Checking the little amphibians' health that come from the river.  

These small animals are highly sensible to contamination. If they're well, we know we aren't damaging the Island's ecosystem. Turner  seized the opportunity for showing us his eternal love for snakes :)


28th February:

We got out to capture some dinosaurs. The first in the list is a parasaurolophus.

We found a lonely one grazing near the forest. It wasn't hard surrounding it and capturing it. 

Hour: 10:00 pm. A lambeosaurus brought too close and we decided to capture it. We think it's a young that lost its herd because we looked for its family almost until the dawn.  


1st March:

We returned to the Area. In the way we found a dinosaur getting its lunch: 

<-- This photo was taken two hundred meters far away. 

We feel sorry about the tiny triceratops, the natural selection didn't act in favour of it.


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