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25th February:

We can't control the dinosaurs plague in the lab yet. We hope that the natural selection takes action for us. Malcom doesn't stop saying: "Life finds its way". 

For not having to listen him, we order him to go for checking the generator. It's working perfectly but we do all we can for maintaining Mr. Chaos busy. 

We continue with our work ignoring the screeches we hear behind the walls. This time obtaining genetic samples from our animals:

This ia a male wolf around three years old. We found him hurt near the river and bring him with us to the Area. Here we are just about to extract him a little blood. 

In this Laboratory 1 section (building D) we analyze the animal's blood and obtain genetic samples.     


26th February:

We need to get samples of the available water in the Island. The doctor H. Eim is worry about we've been contaminating it, despite all the water we use is purified before drain it to the river.

We decided let the kids go too. In the boat it's less probable that something bad happend. 


A part of our route includes the caves near the shore. The water is dark because there's  a great quantity of dissolved sediments, specially near the rocky walls. 


Meanwhile, the rest of us were repairing the high voltage installations damaged by the dinosaurs. 


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