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22nd February, a little later:

A little incident while Alan was guiding the tour: A dhilophosaur approached the jeep too much for getting a snack:

Happily the dhilophosaur left enough of the girl for cloning her. Her parents will never notice the difference! 


In the Area:

our young T-Rex is sick. Amelia thinks he has an infection in the scar in his leg. We keep him under observation until tomorrow. 


22nd February, an hour later:

Alan comes back with the children. He tell us how one of them escaped from his supervision and went to look around alone. Alan looked for him for half an hour until finding him dangerously near to a carnivore dinosaur. Keeping the calm, he oblige the kid to follow him in silence. They had luck because the huge dinosaur was too busy eating for paying them attention: 

We have proved that one person can't keep all the children under control. Alan told us he won't be calm until more people is assigned for this job. Tomorrow we will assign a team for continuing the tour.


23rd  February:

The people who will go with the children through the Area are ready. The little girl's cloning is in process. A good new: The T-Rex feels better. The photo at the left is from the medical checking yesterday. The one at the right is from a routine work: incubators verification.


Tour's continuation: some things found on the road: 

It isn't common seeing two herbivores of two species so close. Here we could also verify that, in this island, there's something we didn't think to find too: giraffes. 

Demonstration of one of our bird's training and a brief explanation about the breeding method. These eagles are useful for carrying lightweight instruments from one camp to another.


Coming back for dinner and resting: we found on the wall a meganeura (a sort of giant prehistoric  dragonfly): 

Doctor H. Eim. talked a little about it and accepted to pose with it for comparing its size.


24th February:

Another day for celebration: We could clone the little girl :) The bad thing: we forgot to tell her about the tiny dinosaur's plague we try to control:



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