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15th February:

íCelebration! We could clone a pteranodon by first time successfully. This photo was taken in the lab n░ 1:

These animals achieve their maturity between their first and second year. Then, we will free it.


16th February:

The Ellie's colt ran away this morning. We think that something scared it because it could jump over the stable's fence. We looked for it during hours following its trace. Ellie suspects it went toward the waterfalls 'cause she used to ride it by that way. 

Ellie was right. This photo was taken from one of our vehicles. We could save the colt from being eaten by scaring the dinosaur with our weapons. 

We brought the colt to the Area. Ellie loves her colt so much and she asked us for taking her a photo, near to the laboratories.  

- I thought I would lose it for ever - she said. 


18th February, at dawning:

Another expedition goes out for making a more detailed map of this zone and marking the animals' chasing and feeding areas.

We almost looked at fight between a triceratops and a cheetah, but the cat, prudently, preferred to go back. 


20th February:

Two unexpected meetings: first it was with a native of the island that was fishing with his pet. He has seen us before and he has no reasons for being afraid. Two hours later it was a pterosaur that looked angry when we invaded its territory. It tried to scared us screaming and making noise with its wings until we left its domains. 


21st February:

Coming back to the Area: Conclusion of the maps' drawing. We spent all day getting the data in the computer. 

21st February, later:

They told us that the helicopter with the visits to the installations in the island arrives tomorrow. That's a little experiment for checking the Area's security too ;)


22nd February, noon:

Visits have arrived. 

All of them are our investors, it's convenient we don't lose anybody. 

 After giving them a brief instructions about what to do if they found themselves in front of a hungry dinosaur (really in this case there's no much to do) we begin the tour.


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