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30th January:

Coming back to the Area. We decide to free one of our stegosaurus. We do it at night for avoiding depredators' attacks.  

2nd February:

A little group of us decide go to recognize our surroundings, specially the path to the waterfall one hour away.  

It's easy find depredators here, we have to walk with caution. The dinosaur in the photo doesn't seen being haunting and it's probably it had not seen us.
We stopped probably 30 meters from the waterfall. A godzillasaurus was eating its lunch and we preferred don't interrupt it. We return before it see us.


4th February:

Another incident to midnight. An unknown species of parasaurolophus could arrive to one of the building C rooms, the nearest to the wood. 

Alan tell us that he was going to bed when he saw something entering the room and jumping on him: "Eddie heard me shouting from the corridor, entered and tried to hit that thing with a chair, but nothing happened".  

"if the others didn't arrive and shot it, It will kill us." Eddie commented us moments after. 


5th February:

Nobody could sleep. The works for maximizing the Area's security started early. A team for investigating where the strange parasaurolophus came from is preparing.


8th February:

There's no trace of the last night parasaurolophus..

<<--- One of our security measures: our observation zone anchored among the trees' tops on the wood's limits. From here we can watch all the Area and its surroundings.

Photo of the raptors' cage taken the same day. The wall is high enough for avoiding they jump and escape. it's proven that they prefer be fed with alive preys.


13th February:

One of the generators turned off. We decided go for repairing it. The generator is in a complex two kilometers from the Area.

We didn't know about the dinosaur that was lying in wait for us until it jumped on the generator ready to attack us. The shoots didn't scare it so we had to kill it before it eat us. After that we knew that was a very young deinonychus. Adults can be bigger.


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