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12th January, later:

Satellite's signal verification.


A.Z. is the person in charge of the telecommunications equipment handling and he's a professional climber too. Here he's verifying our position via GPS. 


15th January:

Camp's disarming. We go to the north.


16th January:

We find a very aggressive herrerasaurus. We hide inside a cave out of its reach, but our shoots don't scare it. We accord try to capture it. 

This is the moment when we decide shoot it tranquilizer darts. This animal resulted being an adult male. it's on discussion yet if this class of dinosaur haunts in herd or alone.


20th January:

After days of walking across the jungle we saw far a spinosaurus and we decided follow it in a prudential distance. Thanks to our curiosity we could see it fighting against other dinosaurs too big for capturing them:

22th January:

We were following the deinonychus clues many hours. It seems it must have separated of its herd. We need it's DNA pattern for comparing it with the deinonychus we have bred in captivity.  

We waited patiently it catch its prey and eat it. We didn't need to face the dinosaur. It left skin and saliva samples on it's lunch rests. 


23th January:

Dinosaur traps revision. 

<<<---- A little mistake: In one of our traps we caught a lynx. After checking it's health we free it.

25th January:

Return to the Area Omega. 

While we were coming back we found many fenec foxes. Until now everybody though they just live in the deserts. 


27th January:

We stop during the morning for repairing one of the jeeps. Mallory and the Dr. Helheim go into the forest for searching water for the jeep's engine.

They both came back minutes after followed by an undesirable companion: a lioness. The engines roars were enough for scaring her.


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