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28th March:

We still trying to find the frogkid and inproving the Area's security. This was a quiet day: nothing happened.    

We don't want harm any native because we don't wanna have any trouble with the tribes in this island.



30th March:

We continue showing the Area to the kids (for them this is the first time, they're clones from the originals, remember?)

A raptor hurt this antelope and we are taking care of it. We hope we can free it this week.

This is a new dinosaur. Its species is unknown for now. It looks dangerous but it's inoffensive, it just eat plants.


1st April:

This morning, the native we saw approaching to the Area saying something we didn't understand. Happily, Doppler can translate ancient languages and we requested for his help.

After a quick conversation between Doppler and the native we knew why he was here: smply, he wanted the idol of cuprum that Eddie found. But it wasn't too simple: We have to bury it in the middle of the forest. This is the way these people say sorry to their goods for disturbing them. 


1st April, in the evening:

Well, we did it, we took the damn idol to the forest and bury it there:

We chose this place because it's not so far from the Area and we wanna watch what happens. The weapons are just for security. 

This is something we never spected! The frog kid is a native's friend! We just can speculate how they met and if the frogkid lives in the tribe or not. We prefered not follow them when they took the idol. It's possible that the frogkid was looking for it the last days too.


And... what about the author of all of this mess??

While we were facing the danger getting away from us that idol he was HERE!:


               Hi, guys! Why are you looking at me so... angryly?



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