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22th March:

One of our raptors escaped from its cage. We spend all morning chasing it before it could eat somebody. 

Owen, Rondell and Tex surrounded and paralyzed it with the sedative in the dart weapons for large animals. It wasn't easy to take it back to its cage. Despite being asleep, it still being dangerous, it can open a man's throat with just a clawing.    


23th March:

Maintenance day of our observation platform. Ellie was feeding a gentle giraffe (as big as a sauropod!) when we saw the frog-kid:  

Compare the size of the giraffe with Ellie. This is the first time this animal see a human and that's because it wasn't afraid of us.

This is what we saw from the platform: The frog-kid tried to eat one of our kids (not again!). It just hear our steps and jumped far away from us. The child is ok and we are happy for that (cloning is a very expensive process).


25th March:

This is really interesting: a giant dilophosaur eating a snack:

For meeting this big predator we have to enter during two days in the forest, but our efforts were worthy. It's not common to see this kind of dinosaurs.



26th March:

Coming back to the Area: Did I mention non common animals?    

We don't know if this is a mutation or a new reptile (dinosaur?) species. What we are really sure is that this animal is very ferocious. We were lucky: it couldn't climb trees.

And this is what Alan found: Two lung fish:  

Those fish are called mudskipper and usually live in mangrove swamps, but these folks look happy on the rocks.


27th March (3:05 am):

Look what appeared at the kitchen!    

This strange animal seems to like our coffee. Allem wanted to keep it but we wasn't sure if it was dangerous, that's why we let it go.


27th March (eleven or twelve hours later):

Lex, Dimitri and A.Z. were surprised by the same native we saw days ago. They started to shoot him but he ran away. 

Dimitri told us that he seemed to be searching something (and trying to kill them). We are going to need to improve the Area's security as soon as possible.



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