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14th March:

Early this morning one of our guards found frog-kid's track.

<-- This photo was taken when the frog-kid was carrying its breakfast. The frog-kid can hide easily among the plants and that's the reason why our guard couldn't capture it.             


16th March:

We spent the last two days chasing the frog-kid. We quit. The forest is too big for an small group like ours.  

We were arriving to the Area when we found an ankilosaur's footprints. Ellie wanted to follow the dinosaur and we agreed. This photo was taken almost the midnight.

What we found was amazing: two dinosaurs fighting against each other just after the dawning. We didn't tae part, we prefer to leave Nature alone. At last, the Deinonychus couldn't break the ankilosaur's solid  armor.


17th March:

Back in the Area, we told Eddie make the shaft-to-ground for the building C (he really hates that work but he was doing nothing at that moment...) and this is what he found:

A totally unknown horse idol. Nobody knows where it come from or its age. It's made in cuprum and really well preserved. 

We took it to the lab and tried to analyze it, but the problem is that cuprum is totally inorganic, we can't estimate it's age with the C-14 method and our others radioactive isotopes are scarce. Unfortunately all we can do for now is to store it.


20th March:

Until now, we thought that in this island aren't humans, but we were all wrong!  

This is the first native we see since we arrived. Now we are almost sure these people are the idol's makers.



21th March:

Time to free the parasaurolophus. We use to free our animals in the night for avoiding predators but in this case we had to find its herd, and parasaurolophus hide during the night..   

We walked for just three hours until find it's family. We don't have have photos of the herd because camera's flashes could scare animals.


Now, we wanna show a photo from our archive, the moment when we were waiting for the helicopters that took us to the Island:   




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