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3rd January

Going on with the activities for converting this island not just a tourist Park, also into a researching area. The fauna here doesn't exist in the rest of the world.


In the photo: the capture of a big  Dromaeosaurus. We take it to one of the vehicles for its transporting to one of the labs. The objective: having DNA samples of all animals in the island.



Two hours later, Tex Turner showd us how to trap snakes without any danger. A half minute later he showed us how to run away from a hungry dinosaur.  









7th January, after midnight:

Equipment and houses installation finished. Nothing extraordinary until a few hours ago when a huge wolf went into building B kitchen:


In Malcom's words: It was a little after midnight when I heard a strange noise downstairs. I went for watching what was that, and I've just opened the door when a very big wolf jumped on me. I screamed and I waked up everybody. I heard shoots over my head and when I opened my eyes, the wolf was unconscious by my side. At once I saw how they take it for caging it and keeping it under observation.


10th January:

Meeting for organizing an exploring team to deep inside the island. They also capture some dinosaurs. All day organizing the people. More stuff came via helicopter.


12th January:

With the exploring team: This island still surprising us. Each moment we found some interesting animal:

Unknown species of the mustelida order (weasels). As we are interested in dinosaurs, we left it alone.

This hyena must be longer than two meters. What it has caught is a comphonsognatus.


We were going to the mountains when a dipophosaurus jumped in front of us. We had to kill it with shoots for impending its intentions for eating Alan.


  Two photos of our climbing. There's no dangerous animals so high and that's include the notosaurus in the photo to the left. Climbing up allows us to see out path and recognize the land better:


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